Inmarsat BGAN Mobile Broadband Data
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The smallest, lightest device in the range
The Explorer 110 combines an exceptionally compact design with performance and optimal flexibility. 


Size & Weight 200 x 140mm (<1 kg)
Max Throughput up to 384/240kbps (receive/send)
Streaming IP 32, 64kbps (send & receive)
Voice Nera handset, ISDN & Bluetooth handset
Data Interfaces USB , Ethernet, Bluetooth
Ingress Protection IP 44

Purchase Price Call for the latest price
Data Rate $7.10/MB Background IP
Voice Rate $0.91/min
Monthly service $69 with 2.5MB included
Activation $39
Rental Price $20/day or $400/month
Data Rate $7.95/MB Background IP
Voice Rate $1.50/min

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