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BGAN solution : Perform broadcast quality streaming video and audio with a portable, lightweight (less than 3.2 kgs) unit that can be rapidly deployed.

The reporter can speak to the studio while making a live video broadcast, since a separate voice channel means data performance is not affected.

BGAN supports both ISDN and IP- compatible with legacy news gathering applications.

Network capacity can be dynamically re-directed to areas of high usage when a major news story breaks.

Significantly lower costs for both terminals and airtime compared with previous generations of mobile satellite services.
In-field equipment
- Hughes 9201 BGAN terminal
- Handheld video camera
- BGAN voice handset
- Power adapters AC/DC, batteries and cables
- Laptop (MAC or PC) with software for video/audio encoding

As a Tier 1 distributor, Geofone uses Stratos’ extensive global points-of-presence and enhanced terrestrial core network to ensure speedy deliver of your data traffic once it hits the ground. Customers even have access to dedicated point-to-point leased line and ISDN connections to provide a reliable and efficient last-mile solution to bring mobile satellite traffic from the field to your headquarters office in the most reliable and secure manner.

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