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ImageSituation : The need to set up a remote, temporary office with broadband connectivity while exploring new fields and wells or constructing drilling platforms – enabling smooth daily extraction operations and checks on remote installations and pipelines.

BGAN solution :
The mobile field force can start working and report test results immediately, helping to reduce ‘find time’. It enables improved asset and supplier management, rapid decision-making and contingency response, contributing to reduced capital and operating costs.

More specifically,
• Site engineers and geologists sending exploration data and pictures to headquarters for analysis
• Project managers sending progress reports and chasing suppliers and contractors
• Oil well and pipeline remote maintenance teams doing repairs and scheduling workforce
• Service teams checking isolated installations, enabling near real-time business reaction to well/rig asset status
• Remote pipeline and well diagnostics

 In-field equipment
• BGAN satellite terminal
• BGAN voice handset
• Laptop (MAC or PC)
• Webcams and handheld cameras
• Power adapters AC/DC, batteries, cables
• Well and pipeline monitors, sensors, VoIP peripherals

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